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Our story begins 66 million years ago. T-Rex ruled the earth. I mean, who could mess with him? Until…

…the asteroid struck the earth. What asteroid? The one that levelled everything in its path including T-Rex. The one that caused tsunamis that rippled around the world. The one that blocked the sun and plunged the earth into darkness for more than ten years. That asteroid.

Funny thing is, dinosaurs were not nimble enough to adapt and survive the upheaval. But me and you, or whatever we looked like back then, got through the chaos and destruction and evolved into the condo-living creatures we are today.

Did you stumble into the wrong blog post? This is supposed to be about the selling power of webinars. It is. Trust me. To really appreciate the present and future, we’ve got to peek into the past.

The T-Rex anecdote is from a must read book, “Bold: How To Go Big, Create Wealth, And Impact The World,” by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler. It’s an exciting book. It paints a vivid picture of an abundant rich world that’s yours for the taking if you are open, positive, and nimble.

If you’re closed, negative, and rigid, you may join T-Rex because the next planet shaking asteroid has already struck, and we’re just beginning to feel its impact.


Today’s asteroid is digital technology. It’s transforming your world so fast that you don’t even see many of the changes yet. In a few years, your world will look like a far out science fiction movie. Will that be a nightmare or dream come true? It’s entirely up to you.

Let’s look through a positive lens for now. Hey, even our asteroid looks pretty.

Your friend, digital technology is handing you the world on a platter. You can look, feel, and stay young for a long time. You can choose to fire your boss and make your living online. In fact, you can totally rewrite the rules on how much you earn.

I know, for many of you, that’s hard to believe. Maybe you’re still struggling to make ends meet. Struggle is part of the old world picture.

There’s an underground economy operating in plain sight on the internet. Ordinary people are earning extraordinary incomes without academic degrees and titles after their names. A six figure monthly income is more common today than you think.


Language is our main communication tool. Words. We’re hardwired to express our thoughts and feelings with words. But words no longer dominate the world of communication. Images do.

We tell our stories more and more with pictures. We use Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. And let’s not forget YouTube.

Also, it’s easy for anyone with a mobile phone to shoot, edit, and post a movie online. Your education probably began with books, notepads, and pens.

Tablets and laptops are the default learning tools for your kid brothers and sisters. They grasp the world more through pixels than words.

And here’s what’s exciting. Images tell a richer, bigger, and more memorable story faster than words. Just take a look at this image that replaces all five of the above paragraphs with a picture story.


So, you have a great product or service to sell.  In the old world model, you bought ads in newspapers and magazines. You went to networking events to find prospects. You bought leads. You made phone calls. Maybe you did live presentations.

Today, you’ve added social media to your sales arsenal. All of these are legitimate ways to communicate your sales message. They will make you money. But they’re pebbles on pond compared to the asteroid at your fingertips with webinars.


The magic word that all mega-successful people use is leverage. They leverage their work efforts, their assets, their ideas, and their sources of income. The job economy is a remnant of the industrial age.

Today’s entrepreneurs who embrace digital technology don’t have jobs. They have multiple recurring sources of wealth.

Just look around. You’ll see that network marketing is on the rise. Online businesses are growing and thriving. People are earning big recurring money with membership sites.

And think about this. Many of  today’s products are intangible. They don’t exist physically. They are digital downloads. They’re ideas brought to life by technology.

The people earning the most money selling information products and training online are doing it with webinars. A well planned digital product launch promoted with webinars can result in a six or seven figure payday in just a few days.

More than one internet marketer has earned a million dollars in one day. Not bad with no physical product, no manufacturing and shipping costs, no inventory, and very few employees.


  • Present your offers to an unlimited audience internationally
  • Build your list with webinar registrants
  • Establish instant rapport and trust when people see an hear you live
  • Influence buying decisions by interacting with people in real time
  • Use webinar software that strategically presents your offer visually
  • Establish social proof with the power of Q & A
  • Automate your followups

Remember. Images make your stories (sales messages) three dimensional and memorable. Here’s an image to drive home the power of webinars we’ve been discussing.



Don’t just take my word for it. Do your own research. Find out which superstar marketers are creating their fortunes with webinars. Names like Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, and Mike Filsaime come to mind.

Model what they do. Begin small and build on each success and also on each mistake. The rewards will come.

One of the best models to follow is Mario Brown.  He makes big money with webinars, and he teaches others the exact step-by-step system that he is using to create wealth.

I can’t praise his awesome training called Webinar Mastery. It will take your knowledge and your income to a whole other level.

This course has been a game changer for me. Let it enrich you. Click on Webinar Mastery now and discover Mario Brown’s million dollar secrets.

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