Webinar Fusion Pro



The rules of the game in life and business are changing at lightning speed today. What’s driving the change? Exponential technology, especially the Internet.

Business people should get excited about these changes because they are creating new opportunities to earn huge profits. One of the richest profit sources in the online business world is the Webinar or Web based seminar.

Think of Webinars as money magnets that attract a global marketplace to you. You don’t have to make sales calls, you don’t have to drive anywhere to demonstrate your products and services.

You create a Webinar, promote it online, and present it form the comfort of your home or office to an international audience. When you do it right, people will pull out their credit cards and ask to buy what you offer.

The popularity and profit potential of Webinars are so great that you now have a wide range of Webinar platforms to choose from. This article reviews one of them, Webinar Fusion Pro.


Webinar Fusion Pro is a powerful Webinar software that allows you to broadcast your marketing message to the world, magnetically attack qualified leads to your business, and sell multiple products and services live online or on automatic pilot.

It’s the brainchild of three internationally respected Internet entrepreneurs who have generated millions of dollars online. They are…

  • Dwayne Golden - a world class Internet marketer, business coach, and executive trainer.
  • Lester Lim - a savvy product launch strategist.
  • Jonathan Teng - an Internet entrepreneur and successful affiliate marketer.


    • Allows beginners and seasons pros to create any kind of Webinar they want with one of the most user friendly visual setups online.
    • You can begin your Webinars instantly or schedule them for future broadcast.
    • It offers professionally designed Webinar invitation pages that attract qualified buyers.
    • Insures an awesome experience for attendees with a one time registration feature. They only have to register for their first Webinar; after that they can logon automatically. This is a huge improvement on the Go To Meeting registration process.
    • Offers a unique feature called V-Merge that allows you to share your desktop while you stay on camera in full view of your audience.
    • Fusion Bot - This unique feature is your virtual robot. You give it commands  like send a chat message, make an offer, play a video, etc., and the Fusion Bot does it at the exact time that you want it to. This is powerful. You can deliver a Webinar that looks and feels live while you are kicking back on the beach or enjoying time with your family.
    • V-Merge - Another powerful, unique, automation feature. You tell this bot what slides and other documents to show the audience, at what time to show them, all while you remain on screen interacting with people. This can be live or recorded.
    • Cost - $47 one time payment.



    • Easiest and most friendly user interface I’ve seen. Anyone can quickly master setting up and running a professional Webinar.
    • Unique interactive power of V-Merge and Fusion Bot that let you create automated Webinars that seem live. You get these at no additional cost.
    • The ability to create free or paid Webinars.
    • You only pay one time to own Webinar Fusion Pro.
    • You get ongoing in-depth marketing training.
    • The evergreen feature is included in the low price.


    • Slides must be Word, PDF, or PowerPoint documents. It would be great to include Pages and Keynote for Mac. Yes, these can be converted to the acceptable formats, but it is an extra step.
    • Slideshows can be automated, but you can’t have the slick transitions that you get with your original PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.


Webinar Fusion Pro massively over-delivers with features and benefits that give you a huge profit making money machine. You get all the marketing power you need to to build and sustain a successful online business. You get the flexibility and freedom of automated Webinars that look and feel live. The marketing training alone is worth way more than the cost. And, you get it all for the one time low fee of only $47.00.

I highly recommend Webinar Fusion Pro as a no-brainer investment to anyone who is serious about making money online. You’ve got nothing lose and a lot to gain by purchasing Webinar Fusion Pro right now. Click Webinar Fusion Pro now to discover how this easy to use webinar platform can help to skyrocket your income.