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You can’t escape stories. Your beliefs, your actions, your lifestyle, your fears and dreams, your failure and success are all born from stories.

Right now, even if you are thinking, “That’s nonsense,” it’s a story. Why? Because when you tell stories, you use words. And words, all words, are made up.

Play along with this idea, even if it seems strange. You have nothing to lose and a lot to discover.


We have an image of cavemen as brutes. There's nothing brutish about this stunning example of cave art that tells a story of prehistoric survival.

Humans have always felt compelled to tell others about what is happening in their lives. It's a powerful need embedded in our DNA. How powerful? We would die without stories.

Admit it. You can't resist a good story well told. That's why we love novels and movies. And it's not just about entertainment and escape.

Stories give our lives meaning. They are mirrors that reflect our inner and outer worlds. They show us who and what we are. More importantly, they reveal who and what we can become.

Storytellers are master puzzle makers. Imagine that you are working on a puzzle with more than a thousand pieces. They're scattered randomly on a large table. You want to fit the pieces together to create a breathtaking picture.

Here's your challenge. The pieces came in a plain white box. There's no image on the cover. You don't know what your picture looks like.

Enter the storyteller. She glances at the chaos scattered on the table. Her eyes see the patterns that you can't see. She fits the pieces together with ease. You are speechless and full of emotion when you see the beauty she has created. The puzzle is an image of your perfect life, the life you dream of and secretly long for.

Storytellers create order from chaos. They rock. That's why we need them and revere them.

So far, we've been talking about your personal story. It's richer than you think. Develop your storytelling skills, and you will experience that richness. Ignore storytelling, and you ignore growth. Bob Dylan, a master storyteller, expressed these unforgettable words. "He not busy being born, is busy dying."

Now, let's talk about the richness and growth of your business.

Here's a simple game-changing truth. Express your business message to the world with great stories, and you will inevitably attract lifetime customers and clients, and your profits will soar. Continue to rely on facts to tell the marketplace what you're about, and you run the risk of extinction.

Please, don't take my word for it. Go on a Google adventure and explore the subject in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and other sources you respect.

A few years ago, Harvard Business Review published an eyeopening story about Robert McKee. He is one of Hollywood's leading experts on screenplay writing. Major corporations have been hiring him for big bucks to teach their sales forces how to tell dramatic stories.

Some of you may be taking a cynical detour at this point. You may be thinking that dramatic stories are tools of manipulation and deceit. They can be. But that's not what we're talking about here.

On the contrary, we're talking about elevating your game. You do that by discovering the powerful authentic message your products and services deliver to the world, and delivering that message in an unforgettable story that arouses genuine emotions in people and compels them to do business with you.

I've been making my living as a storyteller for most of my adult life. I'm a teacher, a writer, a professional stage and screen actor, and a presentation coach to business people who want the world to hear their message and act on it. I am committed to bringing you great value in my posts that will challenge your thinking, excite you, and inspire you to grow yourself and your business.

Let me know in your comments what you are burning to learn. And dig into my gift to you and your business. It is my eBook, "Secrets of Story-Selling for Business." It will enrich the way you look at stories, business, and selling forever. It will put money in you pocket.

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