You will understand the popularity of GoToWebinar, a leading  Web conferencing platform, when you see how it fits into the history and evolution of webinars.

Let’s be clear. The webinar did not begin as a marketing tool. It started as a technology that allowed people to communicate and have meetings online. Its origins are in traditional business.

Here’s a snapshot of how the webinar developed. First, there was real time chat in the 1980s; the 1990s gave birth to instant messaging. Then, in 1996, Microsoft introduced Net Meeting; it was built into Internet Explorer. Its breakthrough features were multiuser application sharing and data conferencing.

The next advances introduced live and prerecorded corporate presentations, slideshows, real time communication between presenters and guests, data streaming, and online meeting rooms for 1,000 attendees and more. Finally, in 2004, Citrix Online released GoToMeeting that included all the technology of its predecessors. They added more features and expanded the audience capacity with GoToWebinar in 2006.

Today, GoToWebinar remains the dominant corporate web-conferencing platform. Many marketers have embraced it even though there are other webinar platforms with much more marketing clout.


  • Start a meeting by clicking Meet Now in a starter window.
  • Invite others by phone, email, or instant message in a GoToWebinar control panel.
  • Schedule meetings for a later date and send registered attendees a link to join.
  • Present with audio, video, or both
  • Share your desktop with attendees
  • People can also connect to the webinar by phone
  • Record the webinar for replay and review
  • You and five others can present on video simultaneously


  • Video conferencing is HD
  • Desktop sharing
  • Can share webcam with organizers/presenters and/or attendees
  • Main organizer controls webcams (can turn attendee webcam off)
  • Can meet immediately or schedule for later
  • People without Internet can attend via toll free phone line
  • Works with mobile devices


  • Limited to 6 presenters on screen
  • Replay is not fully evergreen (can't simulate live chat)
  • Attendee login requires an applet download every time
  • No feature for popup offers on the fly (must type link in chat)
  • Pay by the number of attendees
  • Hefty monthly fee

GoTo Pricing


GoToWebinar is recognized and respected globally as a webinar platform. Many people will choose it because of it’s brand and longevity. It woks well – most of the time.

I believe its strongest feature is its reliability as a platform for delivering information to employees, team members, and prospective clients. If your meetings are small with a limited number of attendees, GoToWebinar may be suitable for you. Click to find out more about GoToWebinar and how to get it.

There are more cost effective webinar platforms, especially if your main goal is to aggressively market products and services.