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Webinar Sales

DINOSAURS AND YOU  Our story begins 66 million years ago. T-Rex ruled the earth. I mean, who could mess with him? Until…

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7 Figure Sales Secrets

Why Did You Buy It? You felt like a kid with a new toy at Christmas when you got home and unboxed your new blu-ray player. Funny thing is, you didn’t really need it. And, you never even thought about buying it when you went to the mall this morning to find a birthday gift for…

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Head vs. Heart Selling

Listening to him was like hearing fingernails scraping a chalkboard. Can you hear that? I’ll bet you can. What does it make you feel? Discomfort? Irritation? Anger? A combination of all three? I don’t remember what he said because he delivered too many facts. What does that make you feel? Duh…nothing? Both sentences express the…

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How To Tell A Story

Is this real? Or is it just a dream? These thoughts flashed through my mind. An hour later, I was in my car. My black leather folder was on the passenger seat beside me. It held a treasure – twelve $1,500 checks. Twelve business leaders had listened to my presentation and ponied up $1,500 each…

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GreenMagic Story

Storytelling Magic In Life & Business

STORY POWER You can’t escape stories. Your beliefs, your actions, your lifestyle, your fears and dreams, your failure and success are all born from stories. Right now, even if you are thinking, “That’s nonsense,” it’s a story. Why? Because when you tell stories, you use words. And words, all words, are made up. Play along…

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