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Why Did You Buy It?

You felt like a kid with a new toy at Christmas when you got home and unboxed your new blu-ray player. Funny thing is, you didn’t really need it. And, you never even thought about buying it when you went to the mall this morning to find a birthday gift for your wife…

Yeah, the blu-ray is a sexy upgrade from your DVD player; but the DVD player works fine. And will you really notice the difference in picture quality? Maybe. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter.

You bought the blu-ray because an emotional trigger went off in your brain, and a bunch of feel good chemicals shot through your body and made you pull out your credit card for a new toy. You got juiced on some brain candy; you felt good. That’s why you buy things.

That’s why anybody, yes, me too, buys anything. We buy emotionally and justify it logically.

Emotion Emotion Emotion

Some of you are protesting right now. The next person buys with her emotions; you buy with your head. Yeah. And here’s a news flash. Your head dances to your heart’s tune. Yes, even you, Mr./Miss PhD.

Guess what? This is great news if you’ve got something to sell. You can easily learn how to pull emotional triggers and watch your sales skyrocket.

We’ve got to erase another bad story before we continue. The story that says you are doing something sleazy when you cause people to make emotional decisions. Get over it. It’s only sleazy if you cheat them or sell them something with less value than you promise.

When you deliver real value with your products and services, you improve people’s lives. In fact, it’s your moral obligation to move them beyond their natural resistance to change so they can discover the benefits of buying your stuff.

Still feel uncomfortable? Then stop reading this, and run to a different blog that makes you feel good. I mean that. But if this makes sense to you – if it intrigues you, stick around and discover the power, the magic, and the secrets of…

Accelerated Learning

Our story begins in Bulgaria with the happy looking dude in the picture. He’s Dr. Georgi Lozanov, a psychotherapist who introduced a life changing system of learning to the world in 1966 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He called his system Suggestopedia.

That weird sounding word is a hybrid of two not-so-weird words, “suggestion” and “pedagogy.” Okay, the second one might be weird to some of you. It means the method or practice of teaching.

Georgi was on to something. He understood that we funny human creatures learn a lot by suggestion. His breakthrough insight is that we learn a lot more when our learning environment is pleasurable, playful, and interactive. His system uses music, art, and games that fully engage people, arouse their emotions, and get them to learn more and retain it longer.

Lozanov caused quite a buzz at his Suggestology Research Institute in Bulgaria. The buzz went viral, and his system was transplanted to the United States in 1976; it became what is know today as Accelerated Learning.

Even if you’ve never heard the term, Accelerated Learning, many of you are familiar with it. It has become the standard teaching system in the top personal development, marketing, and sales seminars. Anthony Robbins is a master who uses all the advanced Accelerated Learning techniques in his training to impact people profoundly and transform their lives.

The Key Elements of Accelerated Learning

There are 10 key or foundational elements to Accelerated Learning. You can find them easily online. Here are four of them that will help you understand the impact that this learning technology can have on your sales.

  • Knowledge About The Brain - Science of the brain reveals the need for new learning modalities.
  • Emotional State - You cannot learn or sell without arousing emotion. When you do it right, you make people feel good and empowered. That makes them want to buy from you.
  • Music & The Arts - They create emotional engagement and memorability; they influence people's moods and energy.
  • Imagination & Games - They enrich and emotionally charge the information you deliver.

Teach Don’t Preach


We’ve come a long way from our image of the sleazy salesman in a checkerboard suit who’d fleece you out of house and home. Selling has grown up and developed class.

Today’s sales professionals have pride and integrity. They don’t preach you a slick pitch. They offer value by educating you about the benefits of their products and services. They teach. And the best of them use all the teaching skills of accelerated learning.

Enter The Webinar

The webinar, or Web based seminar is one of the most powerful, underused, and misused tools in a salesperson’s arsenal. It’s an undiscovered mother lode of riches for anyone who takes the time to master its fundamentals.

And here’s the great news! It’s not rocket science.

What do webinars have to do with Accelerated Learning? Everything – when they are done correctly.

Webinars give you the opportunity to do multimedia sales presentations. You can use words, still images, video, and music to grab people’s attention, hold it, entertain them, and educate them about your products and services. You can even interact with them by creating polls and games that engage them fully.

I just described the well done webinar. The problem is that so many sales webinars suck. Here are the…

7 Biggest Webinar Mistakes

  • Pitching
  • Poor visuals
  • Data dumping
  • Flatline development
  • No storytelling
  • No irresistible offer
  • No call to action

Any one of these mistakes can hurt your sales. Multiply them, and your prospects will hide their credit cards and run from you. The sad truth is that you rarely see just one of the deadly mistakes show up. They love company and usually come as a team.

Webinar Mastery

I said that doing a great webinar doesn’t take rocket science. Then why do so many people screw it up? Laziness and lack of preparation; actually, you can’t have one without the other.

The first thing you must do is choose the best webinar software platform you can find. Avoid those that are not built with marketing and sales in mind. Also, avoid those that will burn a hole in your pocket by charging you a fortune as your attendee list grows.

I can feel your overwhelm coming on. Take a deep breath. Relax. I’ve done a lot of the work for you. Here’s a list of the top 5 webinar platforms you can choose from.

One of them can become expensive, and they don’t all deliver the same marketing clout. But, they are solid reputable platforms for you to explore and use to start making money with webinars.

I’ve given you a table that compares the platforms and links to detailed reviews of each one individually. You’ll find it easy to pick one that suits your needs and get started making money with webinars today.

Ultimate Webinar Mastery

You can sell things and make great money with webinars. You can also leverage the power of online webinar selling and develop an ongoing residual income. And, with a little effort, the willingness to learn some simple proven skills and invest some time and money, you can create a legacy five or six figure monthly income or more.

Marketers like Eben Pagan and Brendon Buchard have earned millions with webinars. Why not you?

One of the most successful and smartest Internet marketers today is Mario Brown. He’s also a guy with a strong sense of integrity. He’s a master at earning serious money with webinars. And he’s passionate about guiding people like me and you step-by-step to achieve the same results.

His training is thorough, clear, cutting edge, and it always over-delivers. I can excitedly recommend his Webinar Mastery course to anyone who wants to take their income to new heights and start living the laptop lifestyle.

You owe it to yourself to discover exactly how Mario Brown can guide you to massive success. Check out Webinar Mastery now.

I’m excited for you. Let me know about your journey to success by leaving your comments below. I am happy to support you in any way I can.


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